Melissa J
The staff was awesome and Dr too. I went because my baby is breeched and Dr helped me relax my pelvis. He relaxed me and felt less stress on by back. Thanks! He is the best
chiropractor in corpus christi!

Abel S.
I have had back issues since my early 20′s and began going to Dr. Lindell about 8 years ago after a bad automobile accident (I was 37 at the time). In just a couple of months I was pain free. I’ve continued to go to Dr. Lindell for maintenance visits and when I miss I know it. Because of his treatments I’m free to enjoy life in any way that I want to. Highly recommended.

Maida G.
I was in so much pain that I couldn’t bend down to do anything–I couldn’t even tie my shoes! On top of that, I suffered with severe dizzinesss whenever I would turn my head. After seeing Dr. Lindell, my back feels like it did when I was young and I haven’t had one dizzy spell since. I felt immediate relief!